Review: Yacon Syrup


I've been working really hard on getting fit and being healthy and although I've had a few mishaps along the way, I'm still going at it strong. It didn't occur to me until recently though that maybe I shouldn't only be eating healthier but also supplementing my diet with things that are known to be good for you, and that's why I decided to try out this Yacon Syrup, because I've heard a whole lot of good things. First I'll start by telling you what exactly it is. 

Yacon Syrup, is raw and all natural syrup that comes from the roots of naturally grown Yacon plants in Peru. It is low in calorie, and low glycemic sweeter has been shown to boost metabolisms, lower blood pressure as well as increase fiber and antioxidants. Looking at the packaging, I have to admit I like it I feel like this is something I can just store away in my pantry (it doesn't need refrigerated) and add to my cake and pancake mixes for a little extra boost. 

Not only can it be added to mixes but you can take it by itself, a serving size of a teaspoon three times a day, before meals. I expected it to taste awful, but honestly it isn't bad, not bad at all. I didn't have any trouble eating it straight.

Overall I really like the Yacon Syrup, and can see myself using it as a dietary supplement to keep me from eating so many snacks throughout the day. It tastes good, and seems to work well, even if it is a little pricey. 

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