Review: Tresor Rare Ultimate Pearl Protecting Defense Care Duo-Shield

Lately I've been doing a lot of reviews on high end facial lotions and serums like Premier Dead Sea Concentrated Facial Serum and Gratiae Renewing Moisturizer, but this Tresor Rare Ulitmate Pearl Protecting Defense Care Duo-Shield is by far the most expensive of these products. It looks it too, with it's glass bottle and luxury design box, but of course there is more than looks, I'm sure the bigger question how well does the product actually work, and is Tresor Rare worth the price. It's supposed to help protect and depollute the skin so it can adapt to its changing environment throughout the day. The complexion appears smooth and radiant ready to face another day. 

Even though looks shouldn't be the focus of course I'm going to start with that. The box is a light pink, with all the product information, like that it isn't tested on animals. It opens from the bottom, and the inside of the box has their trademark crown, all over it. The glass bottle, with a metal dispenser that the product is actually in is gorgeous. I love the the light pink color, small base and ribbed sides all with a minimalist feel thanks to the lack of writing on it. The dispenser is easy to use. 

Coming out the serum is a creamy white color, and very much a liquid. It is completely odorless, and goes into the skin easily. I found that it took a little less than three pumps for my entire face, and I used the leftover for my neck. A few minutes after applying it is so light that I couldn't even feel it anymore, perfect for under makeup. After less than a week of use I've noticed visibly brighter skin.

So, this extremely luxury lotion, the most expensive I've ever tried as an MSRP of $499 and no I didn't forget a decimal place anywhere. I'm not sure if this is going to be the actual retail price or not. The bottle is beautiful,  something that no one would be ashamed to have out, it works well, seeming to lighten my skin, and it feels nice on. But at that price I couldn't see myself buying it. 


  1. I'm in my late 20's so I wanted to find something that prevents wrinkles. I like this product because its so light and it does not conflict with my other face products. Another perk is it doubles as a primer. I love the fact that it has no scent because I really dislike scented skin products. Your skin product should not conflict with your perfume and vice versa. Great product very versatile. 

  2. I really like this product and have seen a change since I started using it. My skin looks a lot brighter and I look less stressed. A little goes long way I had my bottle for a couple of months now and I still have a lot of product left.


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