Review: Sinful Colors Let's Meet Nail Polish

Previously I've reviewed Sinful Colors Gorgeous Nail Polish as well as having done a Sinful Colors Courtney Orange Nail Polish Review and absolutely loved both of those colors, so when I was offered the Let's Meet nail lacquer from Sinful Colors, I had to say yes. Not only do I love the yellow color that it is, but the polish itself is great quality, especially since Sinful Colors is a drugstore product. 

Starting with the packaging, it's the typical Sinful Colors look. A rounded bottle where you can clearly see the brand name and the nail polish color. On the bottom there is a sticker that tells you the color and number for the nail polish, this one of course being Let's Meet 928. I personally like the sticker on the bottom, because it makes it easy to re-buy colors that you like. The handle for the brush is pretty big (the whole black lid) and is good quality. 
Here's what Let's Meet nail polish looks like on my nails after two coats. It goes on very smoothly but isn't that opaque, a problem that is pretty common with yellow nail polish. By the second coat though it looks pretty good. This formula isn't a strong smelling one. I love the warm yellow color and sparkle that it has in it. The best part though is that this nail polish really lasts. I went a full week without chipping. 

As I'm sure you could have guessed I really love this golden yellow nail polish by Sinful Colors. Let's Meet is not only pretty but lasts well and is easy to apply. If you're looking for more of neon color there is Broadway Nails Sunshine Disco, or  a more matte yellow Avon Sunshine Nail Polish, but for a feminine yellow color instead of a vibrant, loud color Sinful Colors Let's Meet Nail Lacquer is your polish. 

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