Review: Lavishy Chic everyday long necklace

 I'm a huge fan of dainty jewelry so when Lavishy contacted me about checking out their chic everyday necklace I was in. For starters I love the long length and very delicate design, but the most interesting part is the leaf like design reminds me of my Palm Leaf Pendant from Tiffany's that I absolutely adore, and this Lavishy necklace is a whole lot cheaper.  Looking around their site, I saw a whole lot of other very cute, and affordable pieces that I would love to make my own. From necklaces and earrings to luggage tags, and very cute clutches. 
On the top right is how it came to me. In a standard yellow padded envelope with a card that had my name on it, and the necklace all packaged up. The card, has two beautiful birds on it, and is just a nice note. Doing this though, I know that Lavishy has great customer service. Of course though I also loved the Lavishy tag that has two adult birds feeding their young offspring. 

But about the necklace. As you can see it looks like it would be a whole lot more than it's $19.99, and shipping isn't bad at all, and the more you buy the less it is. I tried tangling this necklace and it my attempts didn't work, so this isn't one you'll need to worry about becoming a big ball of metal. The most important part, as you can see above is that it looks good. 

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