Review: Green Virgin Products Soap Nuts Liquid

These past few years, eating organic foods, and going green in a few ways has been a big deal in my family. We've worked hard to cut out the worst things in our diet, and stopped cleaning with so many toxic chemicals. We knew that we could do better in the laundry department, so instead of fabric softeners we use wool dryer balls.  Until learning about the Green Virgin Products, and their Soap Nuts liquid we didn't know we could have a chemical free laundry detergent.

Starting with the packaging, it looks like an independent green product, which is great because that's exactly what it is. There is a whole lot of information on the front, like that this is USDA Certified and hypoallergenic, super concentrated, non toxic and chemical free.  As well as the fact it is grown on trees and has 120 wash loads. On the back it explains this further as to being two pumps for an average load, or three for an extremely dirty one. To measure the pumps there is actually a dispenser (not pictured) that comes with the bottle. 

Of course more important is how well does this laundry detergent work, and I tried it out on a few loads to figure that out. Not only did it clean the clothes well, and left them with that clean scent I think everyone loves their laundry to smell like, but it didn't irritate anyone in my families skin. 

So the verdict is that yes we will continue using this Green Virgin Soap Nuts Liquid for our laundry detergent. Just being chemical free would make it a winner but it has more than that to offer. 

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