Review: Exfolimate Face and Body Exfoliation

 A few days ago, this exfolimate system was sent to me by the company, and to tell the truth I thought it was the weirdest thing at first. I mean when they emailed me a picture of the product and asked me if I'd like a sample to review I didn't do much research and just assumed it was something like a cuttle you know, rough all over. So you can imagine how surprised I was that this exfolimate is a plastic piece with metal on the end that's used to exfoliate my skin. To assemble it, you just put the string through the end then pull it through. 

There are a few warnings, like you're supposed to use this when your skin is wet, and you shouldn't go over the same spot more than four times. Don't use it if you have open wounds, and if your skin gets irritated it's time to stop. To wash simply rinse off with water and leave it hanging by it's cord to dry. 
After using the Exfolimate for a few days I have to admit that I like it a lot. Its great for my skin not to be using so many chemicals like in the Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub or the Clean & Clear Morning Burst plus it's easy to just keep around, and use whenever I want.

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