Review: eSutras Organic Flax Seed

I've told you guys before about that nutrient class I'm taking this summer. Well, I've been learning a lot from that class. One of the things I realized was that I wasn't getting enough Omega-3 fatty acid, since I don't eat fish. I started eating walnuts to makeup for this but realized how high calorie they are. So when I was contacted by eSutras Organics to try their Golden Flax Seeds I was very interested. 

Starting with the packaging. It is a clear hard plastic bottle with a brown twist off lid and had a safety seal. The label is a orange and white combo with brown font. The nutrition facts are on the side, 1 tablespoon has 55 calories. Using the lid you can either sprinkle out the seeds or scoop your spoon into the larger size. 

The best way to eat these is by putting them in something. You can put them in your hot or cold cereal, or if you're a baker they're perfect in something like making white bread. Of course though if you're just wanting to take them as a supplement you can take a teaspoon in the morning or at night. 

Overall I really like these Flax Seeds because of their omega-3 fatty acid. I no longer have to spoil my calorie intake eating walnuts, and I still don't have to eat fish. I can't think of anything better. 

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