Review: EnvyDerm Lola Lip Plumper Gloss

I'll admit, I'm not always satisfied with how my lips look. I do have naturally big eyes, which is great, but I don't have something else to go with it that many people find attractive.... big lips! So when I found out about EnvyDerm I was very excited to try it out. Not only did the colors look beautiful but these are also specially formulated to plump your lips. 

Starting with the packaging, this lip gloss comes in a silver shiny rectangular box that offers information about the product. All the ingredients are on the box as well as that this isn't tested on animals, and the amount of lip gloss .18 fl oz. The lip gloss bottle is a clear thick plastic with a metal twist off lid, and a stick applicator. 
Here's what the EnvyDerm looks like in Lola on me. I love the girly pink color. As you can see my lips do look significantly bigger. After applying the warm tingling feeling went on for about ten minutes. It didn't really sting or hurt though. I found the lip gloss lasted about three hours before I had to reapply. 

Overall I really like the EnvyDerm Volumizing and Conditioning plumper lip gloss is fantastic. My lips are significantly bigger and the color is so pretty. The best part though is unlike a previous lip plumper I tried, this one doesn't irritate my skin at all. 

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