Review: Downbeats Hearing Protectors

 Downbeats, who has fantastic customer service, messaged me asking if I wanted to try out their high fidelity hearing protectors. At first I wasn't that interested, I mean it is just a pair of ear plugs, but after actually looking at the the Downbeats product, I changed my mind. As you can see in the above pictures they are a little cooler than your average hearing protection.  The metal holder with a key chain on the top, is perfect packaging so that I can take these anywhere with me, attached to my keys or my backpack, so that I'm never without them. You could also attach them on the inside of your purse so they don't end up lost, you know so that you can actually find them when you need them. 

The ear plugs themselves are quite comfortable to wear, and fit even my ears. I have so much trouble with other hearing protection and the fact that it's almost impossible for me to correctly use earbuds I was really surprised by this. 
The best part though is that these Downbeats high fidelity hearing protectors, actually cancel out Elizabeth the African Grey's screaming something that is really annoying, and actually a little painful to listen to. 

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