Review: DKnight MagicBox Wireless Speaker

 DKnight asked me to review their MagicBox Wireless Speaker, and let me start by saying it's probably the best review product I've gotten recently, if not ever. Whenever I'm cleaning or organizing my room, cooking in the kitchen or in the pool I really want to listen to music on my phone but those tiny iPhone speakers just don't cut it. This bluetooth speaker will work for any device that you can enable bluetooth in, from a laptop to a PSP and anything that has a 3.5 mm audio jack, weights 8.3 ounces has a rechargeable battery and comes in red like I have, as well as blue and black.
Just looking at the box I was quite impressed, with just how small it is, but when I took out the speaker I was even more impressed by it's design. The top is silicone with buttons for calling fast forwarding, rewinding and pausing. I love that the speaker isn't one of those nasty fabric things but instead is thick metal mesh with a diamond pattern. Of course what's more important is the usability and sound quality so let me get to that. 

All I had to do was plug my phone into the jack, or turn on bluetooth, start playing music and I was ready to go. The sound quality was fantastic, and a whole lot louder than I expected. Carrying speaker around was no problem because it's so light, and I couldn't recommend it more highly. Especially since it's only $30 on Amazon. 

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