Review: Dead Sea Premier Beautifying Nail Kit

I absolutely love painting my nails colors like Plastic Flamingo by Spoiled, Grass Slipper by Sally Hansen and just about any other bright color I can get my hands on. With all this applying, and then removing and then applying again of nail polish, as I'm sure you can imagine, my nails get pretty damaged. So when I was given a chance to try out the the Premier by Dead Sea Premier, beautifying kit of course I went for it. Their prices are a little high, and I want to share with you guys if it's worth the cost. 

Buffing Block - It's just a plain white (with a blue side, and black side) block for buffing your nails. Step 1. Use Blue Side, which will grind your nails and leave white residue, Step 2. Use the grey side, I felt like this was an even heavier grain buffing 3. Use the white side, much softer. After doing all the steps (that they are nice enough to have written on the buffing block) my nails felt significantly smoother and I could see myself doing this weekly. 

Nail File - Let me begin with a disclaimer. I absolutely hate the sound / feel of disposable nail files.  This one is a double sided, medium grain black one. It did just fine grinding my nails, but I'll have to stick with the metal kind.

Luxury Hand and Body Cream - This lotion smells expensive, and I mean that as a huge compliment, and it isn't an overpowering scent. It doesn't feel very thick, but it moisturizes, even my very dry feet well and doesn't leave any residue, shiny look or anything else negative.Just soft skin. To tell the truth I could almost buy the whole kit for this lotion. 

Cuticle Therapy - My cuticles have always been in bad shape. So bad I'm ashamed to get my nails done, because I know what those ladies will be thinking. To use I just had to apply to my cuticles after each buff. I've tried Essie Cuticle Oil and I'd say the Dead Sea Premier Cuticle Oil is comparable, it's nice and makes my cuticles look a whole lot healthier, but it's hard to apply. 

Overall I really like the Dead Sea Premier Beautifying Nail Kit. It comes in a good looking blue box (not that kind of blue box unfortunately) with a picture of the Dead Sea on it. The contents inside are perfect if you want to give this as a gift, and every product works well, even though I did have an absolute favorite in the hand cream. So the verdict is that this kit is well worth the $40 price tag, either for yourself or a gift. 

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