Review: Cleopatra's Choice Pure African Shea Butter

I've been using, and loving products with Shea Butter in them for quite awhile now. Like the Perlier Shea Butter and Citrus Set,  Avon Moisture Therapy Body Lotion, Softsoap Shea Butter Body Wash, these are just a few of the products on my list that I've tried, reviewed, and overall liked, and each of them contain Shea Butter as one of their main ingredients. When Cleopatra's choice contacted me about reviewing their Pure African 100% Shea Butter I didn't even know you could get Shea Butter in a pure form as a consumer, and I just had to try it out. 

The packaging of the Cleopatra's Choice Shea Butter, in a one pound (or 450 grams) package is very modest. The tub is a clear plastic with a a simple label on the top. The label offers all the information, like this is ivory Shea Butter . It is fair trade product produced by women in Ghana, and helps to treat dark spots, and skin discolorations, and stretch marks as well as moisturize. 

To use simple take some Shea Butter out of the tub using your fingers and rub on skin. This Cleopatra's Choice smells almost good enough to eat. It is thick and when I put it on my skin it did leave a little residue so I think this would be good for night time moisturizer. I found that it worked extremely well on especially dry areas like my knees. 

I really like the Cleopatra's Choice Pure African Shea Butter. It smells great, is all natural, and fair trade, and as a little bonus the tub it comes in is recyclable. It moisturizes my skin well, and I've noticed the lessing of some dark spots I have. 

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