Review: Bella & Bear Hair She Goes Hair Removal Kit

I've talked about how much I love the Bella and Bear Eye & Mighty Eyelash Curler, and when I was asked if I wanted to review their Hair She Goes Hair Removal Kit, I immediately said yes. Not only do feel like I need to remove any piece of facial hair that I have, even the light blonde/white ones, but also because Bella and Bear is really a brand I'm fallen in love with. Not only do they have adorable retro style packaging (as you can see above), but great products that work, better than anything similar. 

So lets start with that packaging. The Bella & Bear Eye & Mighty as I mention has a very cute retro floral design, but a mostly clear plastic front so you can see the products inside. In the first photo, they look much more orange than they actually are. On the back there are directions (with a picture) of how to use the threading hair removal. 
Here they are out of the package, in their actual pink color. The tweezers what I first looked at are thick (compared to other tweezers) metal, and very sturdy. They have silver metal tips and a painted pink metal body, As far as hair removal goes these are the perfect shape to grab even thin and short hairs. What I was really excited about though is the treading tool.

Although I had heard of threading before I had never seen a tool to do it yourself. It's a medal closely spiraled device (similar to a tightly coiled spring) with plastic ends. To use the tool bend it in half and put it almost against your skin and twist the plastic pink handles up. It takes a few tries to get it, but once you do you'll know. It rips out a large amount of face hairs all at once, saving not only time at plucking but also some pain since you're getting it all done at one time.

Overall I absolutely love the Bella & Bear Hair She Goes Hair removal kit, it has a quirky name, and cute packaging making it perfect for a gift and both pieces actually work. After using for a few weeks I noticed that the hair I pulled wasn't growing back, or it it was, the hair was a whole lot thinner. 

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