Review: Barefaced Mud Mask

 I was given this very cool Barefaced dead sea facial mud mask to try out. It's supposed to deep clean pores . It's rich in natural minerals to cleanse the skin all the way down and reveal a radiantly clear more youthful looking complexion. Since I get terrible blackheads and tend to have very large pores I thought using this mask would be a great idea. Especially since I loved that cucumber peel off mask.

Starting with the packaging, I think it's very simple and absolutely adorable. I love that it's just a white tub, that I can throw in the bottom of my beauty draw or set on the counter in my bathroom next to the sink. The bear on the front and the using it as the mascot for their barefaced mud mask, is clever, and not contrived. The top is easy to get off, and applying it I didn't make a mess.  
To use, first clean your face with water, and a mild soap. Making sure that there isn't any makeup or oil. Then apply the mud mask (as you can see above it really does look like mud), both to your face and  neck, I did apply it to my neck as well after taking the picture, and I promise I am wearing clothes. Then leave it on for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water. When it was drying it didn't feel tight or like hurting me, and as long as you use warm water to rinse it off, it comes of nicely with a wash cloth. 

Even though I'm normally into a peel off mask, I really like this Barefaced Dead Sea Mud one. After fifteen minutes plus rinse time, my skin looked visibly nicer. It was not only extremely clean but my pores were smaller and all of my skin is much smoother. 

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