Review: Babyganics Mineral-Based Sunscreen Stick + Lotion

Now that I'm no longer a teenager, I've started to worry about how I'm treating my skin. Gone are the days where I'm going to go out and be in the sun all day without any cares, and the days where I'll put anything that smells good all over my skin without looking at what the ingredients are. So when I was offered the opportunity to review two of the Babyganics Mineral based sunscreens that are specifically made with babies in mind (at that age sunburn is an even greater risk) I was more than happy to do it. Their products are non-allerginic don't have PABA, phthalates, paragons, fragrances, or nano particles. 

First let me start with the lotion sunscreen. It's SPF 50+ which is a great amount for even fair skin and is a UVA + UVB protection, for 80 minutes it's water resistant as well.  Of course I have to start by saying that the bottle is absolutely adorable. I love the green cap and the happy sun graphic. Since this is a baby in mind product, I think it'd be great in any diaper bag, especially since this sunscreen is tear free. It comes out as a very thick white but doesn't take too much work to run in. I did notice a little residue on my skin, but no irritation. The smell is the typical sunscreen smell, but not an any over powering way. For me it lasted all day. 

Along with the lotion sunscreen came this stick sunscreen that has all the same features, like being water proof SPF 50 and not having any of that nasty harmful stuff in it. It is a little different though, as you can see although it has the same label and color theme, it has a container more like a deodorant. To use just rub it on to skin. It leaves a little residue on the skin as well, and I found that if I rubbed it in after applying this feeling would go away. As with the lotion, it lasted very well. 

Overall I really like the Babyganics lotion and stick sunscreen. Although they are thicker than the Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunny Days lotion I don't have to worry about this lotion like I do those because it's all natural and is pure-mineral The SPF 50 and Waterproofness was great for me. 

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