Review: Adovia Mineral Eye Gel

eye gel from Adovia in box
 Awhile back I was given the Dead Sea Mud Shampoo to review from Adovia and I absolutely loved it. It did wonderers both for my scalp and my hair so when Adovia contacted me to review their Mineral Eye Gel, I immediately said yes. They gave me a coupon code and sent the product through Amazon and within a week of ordering it was in my hands. But enough about that lets move on to the product. 

Starting with the packaging I love it. Both in the box and the jar itself. The box has an amazing blue white contrast that alludes to the dead sea where the minerals from this eye cream are from. It tells that there is also vitamin e and aloe vera. The product is contained in a glass jar with a metal lid that screws off so that you can get the Adovia Mineral Eye Gel out yourself. Honestly it is the nicest container that I've seen for a product at this price point.
adovia mineral eye gel jar

When I try out a product the first thing I do is see what sort of smell it has, and the Adovia Mineral Eye Gel is absolutely scentless, a lot of these sort of things like the Lancome Eye Cream have a chemical sort of smell that I'm cautious about putting anywhere near my skin. It is a very thin gel like consistency something I would complain about if it were a lotion but because it's meant for the eyes you absolutely want something light. Applying it around my eyes it felt cool and smooth and absorbed well into my skin. I noticed a difference almost immediately. 

what mineral eye gel looks like
This Adovia Mineral Eye Gel is a product that I'm going to be using for a long time to come. The bottle is beautiful and the product is fantastic. It's odorless light and absorbs well into my skin. Best of all though it completely gets rid of the puffiness and sagging around my eyes that I tend to get from not having enough sleep. 

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