Review: Adovia Exfoliating Facial Salts

When Adovia Mineral Skin Care Company contacted me about reviewing their exfoliating facial salts, I couldn't say yes quickly enough. I've tried two of their other products, the Adovia Mineral Eye Gel,  and their Dead Sea Mud Shampoo and absolutely loved both products. Their fine Facial Salts are uniquely formulated to gently exfoliate your skin while removing oil and bacteria known to clog pores and cause skin to look dull (not to mention give you acne). These salts will infuse skin with Dead Sea minerals while removing dead skin cells, to unclog pores, tighten and increase circulation, for better looking skin. 

Starting with the packaging these exfoliating facial salts have the trademark very simple blue and white look that all the Adovia products seem to have. I love the blue at the bottom that looks like an ocean horizon because it pays homage to the fact that their products come from the dead sea. The bottle is plastic with a twist off lid, and let me tell you Adovia absolutely packs the bottle full of their facial salts. I'm not even sure how they got so much in. 

To use the dead sea salts to exfoliate apply to a clean wet face, and then massage gently in circles, rinsing off with warm water. Also for a scrub mix you can add your favorite facial soap. I found when I used it it was a little rough, but that didn't bother even my more sensitive skin areas (my nose). It rinsed off very well and afterwards my face felt softer than I think it ever has. 

Overall I absolutely love the Adovia Exfoliating Facial Salts. It's chemical free, the only ingredient being fine grain dead sea salt, and it does wonders for my skin. My black heads are almost completely gone, and my face feels incredibly smooth, as do my hands since I used them to apply the salt. I didn't find it too drying, but afterwards I do like to use Hope in a Jar Philosophy

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