Pet Photos: Two of each of my Sisters

Well, I've been trying to take enough individual shots of my pets, or as I like to call them my sisters. Some how by chance I ended up with two of each so I guess it doesn't look like I have a favorite. First is cricket the cat. The first photo I just thought was cute especially since she can't actually meow, no sound comes out, so it's also funny. Below that is her sitting on my mother's chair. I was trying to get her to do something for caturday but of course she wouldn't. 

Checkers the dog  helping me out by walking with me something that I need to do to keep up on my fitness fridays. She's actually a terrible walking partner though. All she does is pull as hard as she can, and of course by the time she comes back home she's exhausted. Then there is a photo of her playing out in the yard when she refused to come in no matter how many times I'd call for her. 

Above that is two photos of Elizabeth the African Grey. In the first one she's sitting on a blanket next to me and we're watching television together. The top one is her playing on the counter. Her playing is mostly shredding papers. 

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