Pet Photos: Mostly Moe, But Hearing Protection

If you remember last saturday I had Mo was featured in a video that I think was pretty cute. She was up on the gazebo, and I was trying to convince her to come down, but of course she didn't want to so to mildly annoy her I decided to start poking her. I wish that I had some other sort of caturday video for tomorrow, but they seem like a once a month thing.

Elizabeth is the only other creature in this collage and she's pictured with Downbeats Hearing Protectors, because I thought of her screaming when I got them. I had hoped for a good photo of her and them together but it wasn't as easy as I had hoped for. She's supposed to be as smart as a three year old, but I bet I could have convinced a three year old to hold on to the case without dropping it a million times. 

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