Outfit: Purple Hair, Spiked Shoes, Scripture Tattoo

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Before I even start talking about my outfit, let me begin by saying that I'm sorry for all the awkward posing in this post,  it was pouring down rain, and I had to get the pictures done so I only had a few minutes to take these, and with my mother being the photographer, trust me it takes more than a few minutes to get a good photo. She's into the whole "action shot thing" that. So about each of the photos, the first one is my it's raining had gesture and the two after that are just me trying to show off my outfit without falling into one of the many holes that were out in the grass. The last, and I think best photo, isn't me hailing a cab but rather realizing that the background would be a a whole lot better if we turned around, which lead to the very pretty picture at the top of this post. Unfortunately after that one was taken I was noticeably soaked and couldn't take any more shots.



What you're probably more interested in than my explanation for these pictures is what I am wearing. Starting from the top down, I have these amazing hair extensions from Oasap. I've been wanting to dye my hair purple forever now and these are a safe solution, not only are they very easy to use but they weren't very much either (I did a short post about my experience with these purple clip in extensions). A little further down is my bustier that I've had for a little while but this was my first time wearing it out and about because I wasn't sure how exactly to wear it. I was probably over thinking it though because the black and white floral goes with just about anything, and the slimming of a bustier is very nice.  The shorts and the watch aren't anything special but to go with my purple hair and "tattoo" I wanted to wear an edgy shoe so I went with my high heel spiked boots.

Oh and about that tattoo on my arm... It's actually, although I have a feeling a few of you already guessed this, it is fake. It's a scripture tattoo (the one on my arm is Isaiah 58:7) that I was given. They come in a pack of ten and are a great way to show your faith in a unique way. 
Hair Extensions (use code TNNKCFPA  for 18% off) / Bustier (on sale) / Shorts / Watch / Tattoo / Shoes 

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