On to Summer Session 2

Well summer session one is over and done with, and I passed. The whole month and a half of my math class was quite stressful because that class was a prerequisite for ten of the credit hours I'm supposed to take in the fall. Had I failed it wouldn't have been too big of a deal, since I could have re-taken it the second summer session and just have been out a few thousand dollars, had to drive myself to the school instead of my friend taking me, and not have been able to take the psychology classes I wanted to. So actually it would have been a big deal.  

Luckily though I don't have to worry about any of those things since I passed, thanks to a lot of studying and just as much prayer! I only wish I had stood up for my grade a little more on a few tests. Even though the grade JUST went into my transcript, tomorrow (Tuesday) I go back to school. Normally on Tuesdays I'll have two classes, but my early morning class was canceled for the week so I'll only have one to start with. I think these two would be fine, but I over did it a little bit and am also taking an online computer class.  I took the first quiz late last night and got a 14/15 which might not seem bad, but I almost cried. I need A's in all of these classes.

I'm so nervous about being able to make the grades in each of my classes. I remember in high school simply worrying if I'll have friends in my classes, and I miss that. Now I couldn't care less if I have to sit in the front of the room all by myself and not speak one word to anyone my whole school day, all I care about is my grade. 

The biggest problem I have with going to school though, is that right now I don't really feel like it goes with what I want to do , but I can't just drop everything and pursue my goal right now because there are way too many ifs. I'm hoping though by the end of the summer I'll be a little closer to where I want to be and I'll be. 

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