Oasap Purple Gradual Color Clip in Hair Extensions

 Oasap Clip in Hair Extensions (be sure to use code for TNNKCFPA  for 18% off)

When I first saw these extensions online at Oasap, I didn't think they'd be a great idea but I kept going back looking at the product page for a month and finally decided to use store credit to get them. When they came in they were in this odd looking mesh thing, and I went almost immediately to try and put them in. Knowing nothing about clips I had no idea what to do I tried just feeding them into my hair (so dumb!) until I realized you have to unclip each individual piece and put it in. The first time I did this, it hurt but after a little practice, and watching a video on youtube I got them to work and I think the look fantastic. You can see a close up with it, as well as a cute picture of me with them on from by Purple Hair spiked boots outfit.

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