My Birthday Presents. Thanks Mom and Dad.

cute cat birthday card
As you might be able to infer from the title today is my birthday.  I'm not the biggest fan of celebrating birthdays, I feel like every year my body gets older, and I doubt that I get any wiser or more mature to go along with it.  I mean I think mentally, I'm still around the age of five. Anyways before I get completely off topic I figured I could show you guys what I got for my birthday, from my parents anyways. First off I must put the disclaimer that I did pick everything out myself, except for this fantastic cat card that they found. If you know me you know I love cats so this especially fat cat picture made the perfect card.

what I bought from Nordstrom

I know that this a completely terrible picture, but in my defense it's really hard to take a picture of a whole bunch of clothes piled together. But this was my main present a shopping haul at Nordstrom  I did do a separate backdated post about each of the things I bought (and there are better pictures) if you want to check that out. You can also click those links at the top to see the product at Nordstrom,  if you want to get it yourself or if you're just curious like I am about what other people get.  Even though it doesn't look like I bought a whole lot of stuff I feel like it took me forever and my feet were super sore by the end. 

lamp made of rice

Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but I'm slightly afraid of the dark (remember I'm five at heart) and in my room I only have an overhead light and a huge standing one. Both are too bright for me to comfortably leave on, plus it wastes a lot of power, so my parents bought me this small lamp to keep in my room. It was a little trouble to assemble this rice paper lamp though I'm quite happy with how well it goes with everything. 

hand made quilt
My favorite present has to be this quilt that my mother made for me though. She's been working on it in her free time for months now and I think it turned out absolutely beautiful. I wish she had taken pictures of it as she worked on it so I could show you the progression. It's going to be sitting on my bed as soon as winter rolls around. 

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