Life Photos: Sitting at School, Downloading Access, Insta, Gooseberries

Well, these should be the last of my photo dump posts for awhile because my phone is almost cleared out. The first picture is of when I went to school for summer session two and where I sat for the day. I brought my compute along and did stuff, but now it seems that the internet won't hook up to my computer and I'm way too lazy to go to the tech department to figure out why. 

Below that is an instagram screen shot of a contest I was going to enter. The company said they were giving away a free dress, but I didn't quite believe they would so I decided not to enter. 

Then a photo of a bathroom stall, at school. I can't explain this so I'll just move on. Next is me trying to download Microsoft access stuff, also the very top photo. I talked about how I'm busy this summer and this class is the main reason why. When I did download the new office, it also decided to update the email, and this being the computer in the office my dad was not at all happy about that. Change and him don't get along. 

One fun thing, of course in an old lady sort of way is the gooseberry picking I did last week. I froze them until I get enough but I think I'm going to make a pie out of them. Also I'm hoping soon that I can take a few pictures of this year's garden. 

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