Life Photos: Peta2 App with Facebook

When I was bored between classes on Tuesday I decided to look at the Peta2 app that I used before and see what was going on there. Well I'm glad I did because I found like ten easy online missions that mostly consisted of sharing this photo on one of your social media pages, something that with the new app is super easy, and there were even a few petitions to sign. Of course I jumped right on it. 

There were mostly videos, about going vegan to share, and an article about why you shouldn't chain your dogs as well as a sea world postcard to share with your friends. Then sharing about the app, and one that I couldn't do, share a picture of a rat getting tested on because it seems the NFL blocked picture sharing probably thanks to PETA.

Although it's going to take a lot of points to get there I'm hoping by doing some of the other more involved missions, I can score another t-shirt like my veggie burger one or a cool vegan lip gloss. If you haven't joined PETA's street team I can't stress it enough, not only are you helping animals but you can get cool stuff. 

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