Life Photos: July Summer School Psychology, Nutrition, and Computer Science

I told you guys that I like to keep busy, and I wasn't kidding it seems. I have what is considered a full time load with my college classes, and then yesterday added another class so that I can get a certificate. I only have about a month left to go, so I'm really hoping I can keep up the momentum and get everything done that I need to. 

First the top picture is of an assignment for my Computer Science Class. This isn't anything like that C++ class I took, but it's still a lot of work, and very little direction, so you're just sort of guessing at what to do. So far though I've been doing well, but this week I have to study, because next week a whole lot is going on. I have a quiz due Monday, then a test on Wednesday, and that assignment you see above is due Friday. I'm hoping that I can get it done this weekend and then turn it in to the teacher to be checked that way I'll know if I need to change anything long before the due date. 

Next to that is some practice paperwork for a clinical writing class that I'm taking towards the Case Management Certificate. I know that I'm going for an Engineering degree, but I also would like to have one in Psychology, along with that certificate, because I have this fantastic dream of doing casework on my off hours or weekends.  Plus taking these classes gives me a break from the hard sciences. 

Directly below that, is the class that I found out about Monday, and promptly signed up for on Tuesday, because class started yesterday. I've already passed the first test, and I'm hoping to finish the second by Monday Night / Tuesday Morning. I'm a little worried though because all that matters for this Food and Nutrition class (that I think would be good for my resume towards case management) is that even if I pass all these exams, I could fail the class because all that matters is the final. 

Next to that is another class I'm taking towards a certificate, this one the Substance Abuse Certificate. He gives us a ton of work every week, and it's just random things. Honestly I have no idea what's going on, but I can't complain too much because right now I have 100%. 

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