Life Photos: Fake Tattoo, Sallie Mae, Chickens, Parking lots

First is an odd shot of my bustier temporary tattoo and purple hair from my edgy/trashy outfit post. I really love the look even if it isn't an every day sort of thing for me it's fun to change it up. I just wish it hadn't been raining so I could have gotten some decent outfit photos. 

Below that is a picture of an earring someone dropped in the parking lot that I saw on my way in to Steak 'n Shake  I've yet to love an earring (because I rarely wear them) but I'm sure this sucked. Next to that is another parking lot picture, this one of me at the post office getting a little too close the the sidewalk.

The next two are of chickens at my grandparents "farm". The black one was super friendly unlike the other chickens who were a little shy. I think with a little work we could become best friends. The other chicken pictured wasn't so nice. I can never get her off the nest if I'm required to get eggs. 

Last is a photo of something that annoyed me a little, an advertisement for student loans from Sallie Mae. I have no idea how they got my information, but with their ridiculous rates they can just go away. On my nails I still have a little Essie Cashmere bathrobe left and you can see my Let Me Be Clear Book too. 

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