Life Photos: Fake Hair Cherries, Deodorant, Games, Fat

The first photo is of the purple hair that I got as well as the adorable cherry print shoes. When I first opened the package I was actually afraid that the hair extensions weren't going to be there because all I saw was a shoes box, but they had packed them together. The extensions took a little practice getting used to but I got the hang of it, and love how they look. The cherry print shoes are a new favorite of mine. 

Below that are two pictures that I had no idea were there from the app two dots I reviewed . I'm not sure if they had been lost or what because I deleted that game awhile back, too distracting, and haven't seen these pictures until I wanted to clear out my phone. 

Then there is a picture of me using the mirror that was in my parents room for a selfie for my first fitness friday before I decided the mirror in my room worked better. To be honest I really need to do better about the whole fitness thing. 

Ultimate Chipper cookies that my grandmother gave me the mix and recipe for. I think they were fantastic, even when I made them. The last picture is of some deodorants and antiperspirants I reviewed awhile back, but there are a few too many to link.

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