Life Photos: Beauty Products, School, iPhone, Gooseberries

Last week, you might remember my beauty reviews round up. Well most of the products came at the same time, in the picture above, in one big box. Whenever something like this happens I instantly feel like a mini celebrity because brands are thinking of me. To tell the truth though it's a lot of work. I try to use up half of a product before I do a post on it, which can be kind of hard to fit into a routine. Not to mention the fact that these aren't really products (most of the time) that I would go out and buy o my own, so it's a little inconvenient. I do love being able to be a source for more obscure beauty products though, so the time, and hassle is worth it. 

Below that is the truck I saw in the parking lot at school. I don't go to school in the south but when I see things like this I think I do. Not only is this a big banged up truck but they also decided to put it super high. Who does that?

Gooseberries! I talked about picking them from the bush before, but when I did it this time, it seemed like every single berry was ready to go and I was out there for an hour with my mother. More sun exposure than I'd like to have. Next to that an accidental screen shot that I took. 

Most school work. This is for my clinical writing class this summer, and it's a ton of paper. Luckily we don't normally have to do that much outside of class, and the teacher is very entertaining so it isn't a big deal. Then last are some flowers I saw when I decided to cut through the grass to get to where my car was parked after class. 

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