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metal floor wobbly
 This morning I had another time where I didn't want to get up. Actually I think this happened the last time I went to the farmer's market and worked on my wood chest. My parents had already left when I felt guilty and convinced them to come back and get me, luckily they weren't too far away so it wasn't a huge deal. The whole ride I sat in the front because my mother wanted to take a nap in the back. We stopped at a gas station where I got a snack that was okay, and a drink that I did like. We called my grandparents to see if they wanted anything from the grocery store, so we went there to get them some stuff. They have very cheap prices, but the store is kind of sub pare as far as the building goes. I walked on this metal thing and I was afraid I would fall through. 
cat in the garden

 When we got to my grandparents the first thing I noticed was the fish which made me wonder what cricket would do with fish in a pond. I was also thinking about stealing a few and putting them in my tank because they're so pretty. After eating lunch I headed out to the garden to help my mother and grandmother plant some things, and they ended up making me do a lot of digging. When I came back to the house I played with mo the cat a little bit and rested before going up to the barn. 
sanding and staining wood chest
 Of course what I was doing up in the barn was finishing up my wood chest. I already put one glossy coat of finish on it so I had to do the second one. But before doing that I first had to dust off the sawdust that had gathered on it thanks to other projects. When I did this I realized it also need sanded a little so I did this with sand paper until my grandfather gave me steel wool but I ended up switching back to the sandpaper. 
size ten swimsuit
 The weather was very hot, and when I saw that my grandparents had the poo open, I had instant regret that I hadn't even thought to bring my own swimsuit. My grandmother offered me this swimsuit that she had in a package but I was afraid it wouldn't fit me, and after a day of gardening and woodworking I was a little too tired, so I just sat in the sun room and rested. 
swimsuit at walmart
 On the way home we went to a Walmart to get something quick to eat for dinner. I really had to go to the bathroom so I was willing to brave the one in Walmart and it was actually clean. The soap did have a bad time coming out and there weren't any paper towels so it wasn't that great. On the way to the food, I saw these swimsuits for less than $5 each and I really wanted one, but I'm pretty sure they were in girls size, and with my weight gain I'm not exactly small enough anymore. It ended up one of the things we bought rang up the wrong price so we had to go to customer serves where I saw all these pillow pets for $10. Oh and it wasn't any issue getting the right price. 
radio sirius in car
By the time we got home, I was so tired of Sirius radio. It seems like a great alternative to to a normal radio, but all of the modern stations seem to play songs and even though you pay for this radio it's just like cable tv and there are commercials. 

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