How to Wear a Mesh Top

mesh with denim leather and cork

High Waisted Shorts + Mesh Top + Cork Shoes

Normally when I think of a mesh top, I think of either some shady "dance" club where the girls are wearing them, or some male wearing a mesh top to show off his muscles. So I decided to make an outfit with a mesh top that looks, cute and fashionable that features some other trends like cork and high waisted shorts. I decided to add those high waisted shorts since my How to Wear a Plaid Shirt Outfit (it had high waisted shorts) was so popular. I think the look that I came up with is perfect for a warm summer day, when you want to look casual. 
  • Mesh Top - Of course as soon as I saw this blouse I knew I had to use it. I love the crop cut and the high neckline is perfect for wearing big gaudy summer necklaces. And of course without sleeves it gives a fun box shape. 
  • High Waisted Shorts - I think that high waisted shorts can be a little hard to wear. You don't want a pair that looks like something your mother (or grandmother) would wear, but you also don't want it to be showing half your butt. 
  • Cork Shoes - I've always loved cork heels for summer, and when I saw this Kate Spade and Keds collaboration tennis shoes, I immediately fell in love. Trust me when I say you're going to be seeing them again, most likely on my feet. 
  • Black Bag - I normally like to go with a small cross body bag, but for this outfit I decided to mix it up a bit. I love the smooth texture of the bag against all the rough textures of the outfit and the top handle design is perfect. 
  • Sunglasses - What outfit is complete for summer without a pair of sunglasses. I've been really into the aviator sunglasses lately, and these dark framed ones are no exception. 

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