How to Look Modest (and Cute!) on a Day Date

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Modest Summer Day Date Outfit

As you might have noticed by my outfit posts, I tend to dress modestly, so from experience I know how hard it can be to find modest clothes and put them into an outfit that is still cute. Even worse than that though is wearing a modest outfit on a summer date so I put together this outfit for what I where wear on a date when it's warm out, especially on a summer date. For more inspiration on what to wear you can always check out my guide What to Wear on a Casual Date and What to Wear on a First Date
  • Slogan T-shirt - Modest dressing can seem a little uptight so I wanted to start this outfit with a  cute slogan t-shirt that of course doesn't have any controversy. It should be loose, because it's for tucking into a skirt.
  • Bright Skirt - And this is that skirt, I actually own this one (BCBG birthday haul) and it's thicker than most skirts, and is plenty long enough even when I wear it high. 
  • Sneakers - High heels, especially on a first date are not the best idea. For starters they can give the wrong impression but more importantly they aren't as comfortable as tennis shoes. 
  • Bright Nail Polish - To tie in with the skirt, and since this is a summer outfit a bright nail polish like Spoiled Plastic Flamingo is a great way to add pop to an outfit. 
  • Hair Bow - Of course I have to add a hair bow, right now I'm loving them because their so feminine and a perfect accessory without over doing it. I simple pull the front part of my hair back and clip in the bow.

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