How do I get what I want?

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Ignore the above photo, I took it awhile back with a weird filter and it did this to my face, I was quite impressed so I kept until I needed it for one of my thoughtful posts which is right now.

So, I've talked about this before, but there is one thing that I'm really trying to accomplish. I've been wanting it off and on for awhile. I''ll go through a few months where it is my top priority and then something will discourage me, and for a month or two I'll keep it out of my mind.  Some how I always end up coming back to it, because something about it changes, and I have to know exactly what's going on. But all this checking up on my goal via news and such doesn't actually help me at all. I mean I guess I'm getting some information about what I should do more/differently but it's stressful. Whenever I see something that isn't going my way, it makes me nervous. 

The big problem though is that as much as I want this thing to happen I don't have a direct path, at all, to getting it. If I had started out of high school making more sacrifices (I did know this was what I wanted) for my dream I might already have it. Of course though I can't change the past but I think there are a few personal things that I can do to help myself reach the goal, and those are being the best I can be.

I need to start being more serious with my blog. It's kind of messy and all over the place right now, and I'm hoping by the end of the summer I'll have a clear direction for my blog. Don't worry I still plan of having lots of things going on but a lot more organization to it, like certain days for specific types of posts. Along with this of course I'm hoping to make this place a bigger part of my life in a few ways. 

As for the self improvement things, for starters I really need to get back to working out. I've talked about it before, and recently even did a Neon Workout Outfit but I'm seriously getting started again, and this time around I'm not going to get lazy and stop when my school work get's busy like I did the last time. 

The last thing I need to do, that I mentioned in my growing time post  is to get more experiences. If it's little things like a drawing or bigger ones like travel especially in culturally different areas. I've been thinking on my birthday I might do one of those x before x lists for things like this. But there are other ways to get more experience, like going to a different school for summer, facing a rejection or having a great accomplishment. Of course I also need to continue what I have been doing but tone it down a little until I'm a little more in control. 

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