Hours, and hours of Active Babysitting

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 Today has been really tiring just like the last time I babysat and this same girl. even though I didn't start until the afternoon. When I went I was kind of expecting to do activities so I made sure to wear something comfortable, in this case yoga pants, a t-shirt and sports bra. Then I drove to their house. For some reason there is always someone honking at someone on either their street or the one right next to it, I'm not sure why though. When I got there, I had to re-park about five times because someone had taken the easy spot to get in and I'm absolutely terrible at street parking.

pencils with fish or birds on them
 At first we hung out in her room, looking at different books and old photos of her, where I also saw these cool coloring pencils. There wasn't much going on in her room so we headed outside so that she could show me her cartwheel. I then tried to do a few of my old gymnastics tricks, and surprisingly I could do some of the more simple things, it's probably the first time in at least three years I've even tried a backbend. When she got bored of me teaching her to do things, or at least trying to, she decided we should sit in the yard and have a "picnic". It wasn't like my terrible memorial day one more like a pretend one. We had fruit snacks and bottled water in a basket and an outdoor blanket to sit on. 
pretend picnic setup
 Then she wanted to walk downtown and look at some of the shops. At first I said no, both because it was way too hot, and because there was no reason. But since the shops she wanted to see weren't far away, and I was afraid of what she would want to do instead. So we headed out, in the terrible heat, first to a candle shop that I guess she loves, but luckily it was closed so we went on to the next one a candy shop. I was expecting a candy shop like Davis Mercantile Building in Shipshewana, but this one was pretty boring. Basically a few more expensive chocolates, and not much else. 
candle shop window
 On the way back she wanted go look at the court house, and sit on one of the benches. Probably she actually needed a break from walking around in the heat and sun. So we sat outside at one of the benches in the shade and before going back to her house. When we came back I had to watch all these very annoying song videos for things like wheels on the bus. Honestly I'd understand if she were five or six but she's turning eleven this month. 
court house in brick
 After what felt like forever we went on a bike ride. First of all getting the bikes down from the garage was terrible. Basically had to pull them off this hook thing and lift them the rest of the way down, of course by myself. Then I had to convince the girl to wear a helmet after she tried to tell me that she was too old for one and then we went off riding for what we agreed was supposed to be 45 minutes that way we could be back in time to get dinner by seven. So we went off, and from the very beginning I was quite uncomfortable. Not just from the heat but also because the girl's mother is about six inches taller than me and there is no way to adjust the bike seat without a wrench, so I couldn't even touch the ground, and barely could reach the pedals, and I had to bend over oddly to be able to correctly steer the bike. 
large bike
 We rode in town for awhile before making it to the bike trail, which I really liked, but of course it wasn't long until we were at a playground, which wasn't so fun. We swung for a little while then off we went again back on the trail, and then to another playground. This one though I had to be at forever of course having to push her on the tire swing then go onto this weird climbing thing and then we went to the other playground right by the last one, barely a bike ride, and I had to play a lame game of hide and seek. Then she wanted to go to anther and that's where pushover Hanna finally drew the line. By the time we got back it had been two and a half hours and was starting to get dark. 
visiting a playground
When we came back I had to drive to McDonalds, where she refused to sit in the back seat even though it's the law for someone her height/weight, and we got it there and took it home. We continued watching more of those horrible song videos while we ate, and even though I tried to eat quickly to escape them, she took her time. When that was finally done she showed me her minecraft games, going through each world she had, which I didn't mind at all since I just did the Minecraft App review, she had a whole lot of stuff going on hours and hours worth of work.
kindle minecraft
 Then we made s'mores. Not outside on a fire but in the house on the gas stove. I seriously wish I had one of these so that I could do this. Of course though I couldn't roast my own marshmallow, she had to do mine for me, and it ended up cold and only sort of cooked, but its better than nothing. The worst came after that, I had to watch three years worth of dance recitals of hers. Don't get me wrong I love watching trained dancers, but I think only moms like to watch novices.  Her bed time was supposed to be ten, so I'm pretty proud of myself for getting her there only ten minutes late, and then I had awhile to myself. I did the dishes and took out the trash and then since I forgot to bring any school work with me, I just played a game on my phone. 
making s'mores

selfie after work
Then I decided to take this picture of how absolutely terrible I looked after a whole day watching her. Unfortunately I think it turned out looking kind of cute instead of showing the pain I was in. By the time I came home my face had actual dirt on it, I had a headache and my body was completely sore from riding a bike that was way too big for me, and I was just worn out. Unfortunately though my leg started hurting really bad and until I took something I couldn't get to sleep. 

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