Haul: Using my Kohl's Gift Cards

 I received a late birthday present, from a family member which was a Kohl's gift card, which is honestly the next best thing to cash. Actually for me, it might be even better than cash because I'm forced to spend it rather than my normal horde it in the bank behavior. The first thing I spotted when I went in, well the first thing that I wanted, were these yoga pants that were on sell. Not only are they perfect for yoga but as I become less and less caring about my appearance when I attend class, they've also become a staple for my wardrobe. I love the cheetah print on the place pair and I though the Aztec printed pair would be a nice change to my normal black look, that way I don't look like I own just one pair. 
 I absolutely love doing Victoria's Secret Hauls for bras  but to be honest they can be a little expensive if you're just looking for an average bra. So when I found this black push up (and padded of course) bra for sale for $14 and then an extra 30% off I couldn't say no. I also found these athletic shorts, for running, for $6. Probably one of the best things about Kohl's is that they have good quality clothing, and you can get it super cheap if you're willing to search for it. 
Then two oversized running tanks in a reddish pink and a light blue. I also picked up this printed grey shirt.  Overall not a bad amount of clothing, although it did take a little longer than I would have liked since I wasn't shopping alone. 

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