Haul: Target Intimates

 I know that Target isn't number one lingerie shop to visit, but when I went in there and starting looking around at their intimates section I noticed they didn't look so bad, and the prices were great. Kind of like why I bought that Kohl's bra, so I bought a few things. First up are two bras I got, and although I do like my bras super padded (if you don't have it, fake it) and these are just moderately padded but for $6 and $10 I'm not going to complain at all. Plus they had my band size, 32, which I can never find. 
 Then even though it's really nice to have matching bra and panty sets, I'm too lazy to shop for that and too lazy to manage to put the sets together in the morning when I get dressed, so I just picked some underwear that I liked. Yes these all are all thongs, which is all I wear on the daily unless I'm on my period. I could go into a long explanation of why, but not today.  About the panties I got a red pink, a dusty pink that's lace and then a brownish purple that has a cool eyelet fabric. 
Not exactly intimates but since I wasn't sure what to call this post if I included these in the name I just grouped it all together. The leggings were the first thing I got and at a clearance price of $3.60 I couldn't say no. Then I saw all these adorable printed socks, zebra, kola and even an owl one, so I bought them as well. 

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