Food Photos: Strawberry Cake, Fruit Loops, Watermelon

The first photo is of a cake or maybe a pie, that my grandmother gave to me. It's some sort of german thing, since she is quite the kraut, I wouldn't expect a food that isn't. I can't complain though because it's fantastic. Perfect light and fluffy cake on the bottom and an even better strawberry gloss on the top. I'm hoping to have her teach me how to do it so I can share it her.  I loved making German Little   Sugar Bread Cookies with her. 

Below that is one of the mini cereals my father always gets for me this one being fruit loops which might just be my favorite to get. In the background you can clearly see the Lavo Volcanic Mud Mask I reviewed . Next to that is watermelon from my grandparents' garden. 

Then the next three are dinners. A simple soup that was even simpler in my last food photos we just added some spinach and corn to it.  Then pizza, mine being taken out of the oven before everyone else's because I don't like my things as cooked, and last a fake chicken burger that I think tastes better than the real thing. 

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