Food Photos: Rev Wrap, Reese's Pieces, Burger King

First up is this Rev Wrap #14 Turkey and Bacon Ranch that my father decided would be a good buy. It was expensive (for a grocery store food item) and to tell the truth not all that great. I mean it was just fine. A lot more wrap and not enough insides for me. Below that the first two pictures are of a burger king sandwich and an ice-cream that my dad and I had when my mother was out of town on a business trip. When she's gone we don't eat nearly as well. More evidence of that is in the next picture, sweet potato fries which were just okay and a vegetarian hotdog with some fake cheese on top. I think it's better than meat though. 

Then two snack foods. First these fun cupcake things that my mother bought me. Try as I might I seem to eat a whole box in about three days, making my fitness friday goals a whole lot harder.  My other big problem is the vending machine where I bought these Reese's Pieces, bad I know, but they were too good. 

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