Food Photos: Reese's Cups, Home Cooked Rest, But Grandparents

First I know I talk and talk about giving up the vending machine but as soon as I see it, I'm right there and I can't just get one thing. So I had this chocolate reese cup and it wasn't bad. Below that all of my food is some sort of dinner. First there is pasta with little tomatoes and a fake hotdog. Then a breakfast of potatoes and some sort of burrito. I dumped a ton of hot sauce on it, but I think it would have been better with out a burrito altogether. 

Then at my grandparents for the fourth of july I had potato chips potato salad, and a burger. For desert some sort of pineapple thing and a cake as well s a lemon thing that wasn't all that good. To finish it off cheesy rice that was a left over from Tofu and rice. It wasn't all that great, but if you aren't the one making it I guess you can't complain. 

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