Food Photos: A mini pie, Lots of Bread, Soup, Pizza

The first food is a simple sandwich with cheese and egg salad with homemade pickles and fresh lettuce of course on bread made that morning, at my grandmother's house. I did over fill myself on potatoes, which was especially bad since right afterwards I went outside to take those edgy purple hair outfit photos. Food baby. Below that is what I had for my dessert a minute cherry pie that my grandmother made. It was absolutely fantastic, and so cute. 

Then a very fast dinner at my house a salad loaded down with ranch dressing since I ran out of the healthy olive oil dressing I was using and a grilled cheese sandwich. Those things are always good.

Next to that you can see something that is quite common for me to eat for lunch. A soup that is still in the pan that I used to heat it up. This time I was a little different though because I added peanut butter crackers to the mix.

Above that another simple meal, this one for lunch is a cucumber salad on toast with egg. Last for dinner was pizza that I had which was a little undercooked but better than that Gluten Free one I had. As far as the salad goes, I just want the tomatoes to be rip so I can have some of them on it. 

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