Food Photos: Lots of Grain, One in Bed, Cookie Poptarts

I mentioned when I talked about getting a reese's cup from the vending machine, that I couldn't get just one thing. Well, these Cheetos were that other thing that I got, and I'm not proud of that. They were really good though so there's always that. 

Almost every Saturday my family has pizza, but during the week we had a lot going on, but still wanted to eat together so we made this cheese pizza for all of use to eat together. Although it was plain it wasn't bad. 

Then a not so healthy meal. A salad dumped in oil dressing and a breaded whatever it is sitting there that wasn't even very good. Next to that something else that is unhealthy poptarts (may be off band) that are supposed to be cookies and cream flavored. It wasn't bad, but not as amazing as you'd think. 

Above that is noodles with tomato sauce that came in a can. Another dinner that we had at my house since it's been really busy this week. Last when I was working on a blog post, I think my Orange and Purple Summer Outfit, I was really hungry so I grabbed a mini cereal and ate it up in my room. 

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