Food Photos - All at Home, Just 2 not cooked

I just ate dinner, over ate to be exact so doing one of these food photo posts is a little hard but I'll try my very best. The first big photo was my favorite, a fresh salad and pasta with some sort of creamy sauce. I think if I would have had green beans as well, it would have been that much better. Then below that is a jar that I'm sure you can't really tell what it is. I'll inform you it's pickles that my grandmother canned. As midnight snack I ate them.

Next to that is a dinner of rice and tofu with brussels sprouts that I had and it wasn't bad but not enough flavor for me then "mexico night" with brown rice and sour cream salad and maybe some other stuff in the rice. Above that was a simple spaghetti meal. To finish it off is a greek yogurt that wasn't bad but not my favorite kind of yogurt. 

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