Food Photos: 1 Vending Machine Trip, Home no Meat Please

I know that I talk about no longer eating from the vending machine all the time but every time I go to school it happens. I'm there waiting for my next class to start and I go sit in one of the common areas near my class, then I hear it calling to me. I'll just get a little something, all that change in my backpack is so heavy. Then I end up with about 1000 extra calories and only junk to show for it. Fitness Friday should keep this from happening. 

Then a home cooked meal that was half fantastic. The bad part was the garlic bread that was way too burnt on the top. But the good was the potatoes and green beans from that New Orleans Farmer's Market.  Next to that is a normal piece of buttered bread and some noodle thing that was just okay. Above that though is the amazing chili my mother makes with tomatoes and peppers from our garden. My favorite part though is that the day or two old leftovers taste even better than it does the first time.  

My mother saw a soup recipe and decided to try it out. Unfortunately I'm more of a stew girl, but the next time we had it we managed to thicken it up quite a bit which you'll probably be seeing in my next food post. 

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