Fitness Friday: My First Time

As you might already know, by posts like my I've got to get in Shape one  I've been talking about trying to be fit, and eat healthy, and exercise for months now. And to be honest I haven't accomplished very much, and by very much I mean that I haven't gotten anywhere. So I've decided that I'm going to start doing fitness fridays every friday, and share with you guys my journey to get in shape, and maybe this will encourage me to not give in the next time I see a White Castle, Burger King, McDonalds, or any other fast food restaurant because they are absolutely my weakness. So do start things out I'm going to embarrass myself a little. 

This is what I look like #nofilter #nophotoshop right now. Sure I could make the excuse that I took this right after dinner or that maybe my stomach is a little bigger because I'm on my period and bloated right now, but the truth is I'm just out of shape. I remember in high school with simple weight watching and a little exercise I was very thin and had a great stomach, but then off to college and gained 25 which might not seem like a lot, but when I was only 100 pounds to start with it's a huge increase. My jeans barely fit anymore (I'm lucky to get them buttoned), and walking long distances is makes me tired.  My wake up call was Sunday, when I was in a rush to get out the door grabbed a pair of jeans and couldn't even zip them so here's my routine for this week.

  • No Fast Food - Normally after school, three days a week I go with my friend so some fast food place (it varies) and get a large combo meal. This week I haven't done this once, which not only is good for my body but also my wallet. 
  • Daily Walking -  Every day this week I've made sure to at least go on a 15 minute walk to get me back into exercising. 
  • No Snacking - Another big food problem I have is getting bored and eating a usually very fatting food for a snack and this week I've cut that out completely. 
So far, I'm not doing any weight lifting running or any other muscle building activity because I want to lose my extra body fat that way I'm not just putting muscle on top of the fat. One thing I have been using though is this amazing pedometer that I reviewed, (that you can buy HERE) it tells me how far I've walked the calories burned and for when I get more serious it tells you your kph when you run as well as the time so you don't have to bring a watch or your phone on your jog with you. 

So here's to sticking to my goal and being more fit. I'm planning on posting fitness related posts every friday and body updates (like the first picture) once a month. 
cool pedometer

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