Face Photos: Purple Hair, Exfoliator, Ugly Too

The first photo is of my purple hair outfit, when I decided to have the temporary christian tattoo on my forearm for whatever reason I didn't like the location so I scrubbed it off, and then put a different one on my upper arm.  Below that is a random picture of me looking not so hot. But my eyes do look big. Then a photo that is similar to the one I used on Instagram to show you guys my exfolimate face and body thing. My Instagram photo ended up being one that's really cute. 

Well, as you can tell, I don't filter through my photos before I post them because everything about this photo is bad. Weird lighting weird angle weird facial expression and I look bald.  The last two aren't much better, but I feel like if I wasn't so tired in the one second from the top I'd look good. The last one though my face looks oddly long. 

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