Face Photos: I really can't take a Selfie

Alright, so I have a few photos of my face on my phone, and to tell the truth even though I've talked about ugly pictures of my face before  I think that these take the cake. That is the saying right? The worst / best part is that I didn't even mean for these to be ugly, or grouped my worst ones together. They were all just sitting on my phone. 

First is the only photo I sort of like because I look particularly mixed, asian and white in it. Not in a bad way either. The hair though is very bad, especially around my face. Below that I'm wearing my huge glasses that I got for free, you know one of those free pairs from the eye doctor (just insurance pays). To tell the truth even though they aren't good looking at all I like wearing them because ti makes me look serious. Perfect for those times when you're all "No Mom I'm too busy studying". 

Then a picture that I was going to use for my fitness friday one month update . Well, I just look a little homeless with wet hair so I waited for it to dry and then took the photo with my hair up. The one next to that I can't even explain. Just a bad looking selfie. I have no idea why I can look so cute in one, and then look absolutely terrible in the other. Magic I guess.  

The photo that I used for my Exfoliamate Review  made me look so cute. But a few minutes before I took that one, The above photo was one that I took. Then a photo with Elizabeth and my downbeats who by the way is the rudest company ever. Not to mention they have no balls. But I think I'll post about them coming up. 

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