Face Photos: Bad Hair All the Way

The first photo is of me laying down on a pillow (of course right) on my bed. I took this photo the same time I took the photos when I talked about being too busy to date, but this one didn't turn out nearly as well. I guess laying down isn't a good look for me. Belwo that is a random selfie where my face doesn't too bad, but my hair looks incredibly frizzy. I shouldn't say incredibly because that's the additive I want to use for the next photo, which is what my hair looks like when it's been brushed out. I wish I could retain this volume when I do something with it. 

Then there is a photo with my hair down and wet from my one month body update. I quickly realized how bad the photo looked so I put my hair up and then retook the pictures. Above that is another bad picture, but this one I was trying to look bad so I don't think it counts. Then a selfie with those lean pops that I'm loving

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