Caturday: Cricket with Fish and a Flash

These videos are pretty useless alone, which is why even though I've had the first one for awhile you haven't seen it yet, but I figure together maybe they're worth a blog post. Basically just my cat in everyday life. The first one was when I was trying to take a picture of her in my living room (you can also see its a huge mess) but had it on video on accident. 

The second video is of her new favorite pastime. Since she discovered that we have an aquarium, it took her awhile, I find her looking at the fish every day. Since we didn't like her straining her neck to see them we gave her a small stool to sit on, and she uses it sometimes but she prefers to simply sit on the end table, which isn't a good thing because not only does she scare the fish but she tends to knock things that are sitting on the table onto the floor. 

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