At CVS, hair style, sunglasses, pillow pets, forgot haul

Maybe these sort of posts seem really odd to some of you, but I enjoy doing them, so here it is. I went to CVS to pick up so medication, and a few extra things. On my way back to the pharmacy, I spotted this magazine with a hair style I liked, and figured since I haven't done my hair in forever maybe it's about time to do it. After that I headed to the tampon section and bought more U by Kotex Click Tampons, as well as some pads that are going to be part of an ad coming up very soon. After getting my medicine I noticed that they had 2 liters on sale so I picked up a diet 7 up. About that time I happened upon these sunglasses, and of course I had to try them on. Maybe if I wasn't making the face you see in the picture they wouldn't look too bad. The last thing I saw before leaving was... Pillow pets. I absolutely love these creatures, and although I have the one closest in the picture I feel like I need them all. 

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