3D Graphing is Kicking My Butt

Hanna Marie Lei
I know I've said before that one of my personal goals is blogging everyday, and I really try to do that but this summer school class has really been making that hard. I only go to class three days a week for two and a half hours, but everyday after class we have 30-40 assigned problems for homework as well as a a test at the end of the week that of course I have to study for. Honestly if I wasn't taking the class over twice as fast as I'd have to in the fall it wouldn't be nearly as stressful, but it's still a pretty terrible class. Just one that the school I go to made up a few years ago, that you HAVE to take before going on to calculus three. It uses the same math book as my calculus classes, but since this isn't a calculus based in some of the lessons we can't do much. Not to mention the fact that since it isn't a real class, we just kind of skip around to chapters where there are graphs to do.

Luckily my class ends before the month does, but after less than two weeks of break I'll be back at it with three more classes for second semester, not for my engineering degree but the psychology one that I want to get as well. I think that I do press myself kind of hard, I mean I remember all that work I had to do to pass that math class last semester and how stressed out I was but looking back if I hadn't have taken those four classes over the summer I'd be so behind in what I want to do, so all in all with all the stress and lack of blogging I get to do I think it's worth it. I am really hoping I do well in this class though because it is questionable. 

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